SocksiPy - A Python SOCKS client module

This module was designed to allow developers of Python software that uses the Internet or another TCP/IP-based network to add support for connection through a SOCKS proxy server with as much ease as possible.


Using SocksiPy to establish a connection thorough a proxy takes exactly 4 lines.
Here is an example:

>>> import socks
>>> s = socks.socksocket()
>>> s.setproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5,"")
>>> s.connect(("",80))

For more detailed information, the README file is available.


SocksiPy has been programmed using Python 2.3 on a Windows 2000 machine.
However as it is made purely of Python code, it should run on any OS. Other (both older and newer) versions of Python should work as well.


SocksiPy is released under a BSD style license. This means than you are allowed to do anything with the software, including redistribution and modification, just don't take credit as if you wrote it. The full license can also be read.

Beta note:

Please note that SocksiPy is still at an early beta stage. I have tested this module before I have released it, but naturally problems may still occur.
In any case, just don't be surprised if something doesn't work as expected.


SocksiPy may be downloaded from the sourceforge project page.

The Author:

This software has been developed by Dan Haim.
The author may be contacted at

© 2006 Dan-Haim. All rights reserved.